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How to Use MyIntent Question Cards

The versatility of our Question cards opens up countless possibilities for meaningful engagement and introspection. These cards have been thoughtfully designed to ignite conversations, encourage self-reflection, foster open-mindedness, and create space for discovering your guiding WORD.

Here are some creative ways to use MyIntent Question Cards:

Group Settings: Virtual Conversation Starter

In a virtual meeting, designate a host to pull and pose questions to participants, sparking engaging discussions and connections.

In-person Ice Breaker Exercise: Small Group Setting

For small groups, let each participant draw three cards and share their thoughts on one question with the group.

Large Group Setting: Ice Breaker

In larger gatherings, distribute cards to participants as they arrive. Encourage them to use their question as a conversation starter.

Finding Your WORD: 2 Players

Two players can choose three cards each and share their answers to guide each other in discovering their guiding WORD.

Date Night: 2 Players

Enjoy a thought-provoking date night by taking turns drawing cards, answering questions, and deepening your connection.

Game Night: 3+ Players

In a group, have players draw cards and answer questions, creating a fun and insightful game night experience.

Personal Reflection: 6 Days of Reflection

Separate the cards into six categories and explore one category each day for six days, using a journal to document your answers and reflect on your thoughts.

A Fun Daily Routine

Start your day by drawing a card and recording your answer in a journal. After answering all 33 questions, revisit your responses for inner reflection.

Great Additions to Various Occasions

MyIntent Question Cards are a wonderful addition to game nights, retreats with friends, date nights, family dinners, or as an ice breaker in group settings.

The Perfect Gift For...

Consider gifting these cards to newly engaged or newlywed couples, on birthdays, holidays, as stocking stuffers, for graduations, retirements, or housewarmings.

Unlock the potential for meaningful conversations, self-discovery, and connection with MyIntent Question Cards. Explore, reflect, and inspire with these thought-provoking prompts.