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How it's Made: Intention Bracelets

Each Intention Bracelet is made with a custom MyIntent token, hand-stamped with your chosen empowering word. When personalizing your bracelet, you have the freedom to select a word that holds deep meaning and significance for you. We believe that your personalized word serves as a powerful daily reminder to stay motivated, focused, and positive on your unique journey.

In addition to stamping your chosen word, I will personally select the token and cord color that best complements and enhances its meaning. Carefully considering the energy and symbolism behind each color, I aim to create a harmonious connection between the chosen word and the bracelet's visual representation. For instance, if your word is 'strength,' I may choose a black cord to symbolize the inner strength and resilience you embody.

Ultimately, I want the word, token, and cord color to come together as a powerful reminder for your intentions and personal goals. The artisan card that comes with each bracelet also plays a significant role in this process. I carefully write the word and its meaning on the card, along with any additional notes or insights that may be helpful for you.

I take great care in crafting each bracelet, ensuring that it is comfortable to wear and fits properly. Once the bracelet is complete, I write the specific details on the Artisan Card, including the word and token that were used, and the cord color that was selected. The card also includes a brief description of the meaning behind the word and its significance.

Overall, creating these bracelets is a thoughtful and intentional process, designed to help each wearer connect with their chosen word and carry it with them as a daily reminder.